Another Good Reason to Drive Your British Sports Car

I know I am always harping on everybody to get out and drive their car.  I even put up with all of you who have stopped by the shop and saw the GT-6 in the same spot since the ABFM, so I really don’t have much room to talk.  However, we had a car in the shop last week that made me realize that strange things can happen while the little beauty is just sitting there waiting for you to put down the TV remote and get off the couch and out to the garage.

What we had was a cute little Bugeye Sprite.  Our customer had brought it in because he wanted to get a leg up i=on some repairs, and it hadn’t been running for several years, and there were electrical and brake issues.  We wnet through the brakes, and put in a new wiring harness, (I refer you to the earlier blog post about wiring nightmares), and we got it ready to start.  We had flushed the fuel tank, and cleaned the lines, cleaned the carbs and made sure everything was ready.  We checked for spark and we made sure there were no coolant leaks.

Now was the time to fire’er-up.  Once it turned over, and fired, it seem to run a little rough so a little extra throttle was given and “boom” there was a big mess behind the car.   Now, we do this all the time, we often times get cars that haven’t run in many years, and we go through the same sequence every time.  But, in all the years we have been doing this, this is the first time we have ever fired up the engine and had a huge mouse nest shoot out the tail pipe.  The exhaust is a single pipe that goes back to about 12″ from the end where it splits to two outlets.  Well, it seems this was an ideal place to make a rodent home.  As you can see by the pictures, there was a floor full of bedding, used and un-used food, and who knows what else.  We are not sure what happened the the residence, hopefully they were gone before ignition.  Nevertheless, this reenforces my point that you need to start the car regularly to keep unwanted guest from making your car a home.

Enjoy the ride!

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