British Auto Works Maintainence Tip

One of the things that makes old cars special is that they always need attention.  It seems like the car you have as a daily driver you really don’t have to do much to.  Fill it with gas, have the oil changed a couple of times each year, and once in awhile you change the brakes and tires, or maybe you just trade it in before you have to do all that.

Well, you special British Car isn’t like that.  Part of the fun of having these cars is that they need this attention and this allows us the chance to “tinker” with the car.  This allows us to in some way bond with this mechanical device.  Also, in some ways I really think that the car has a way of bonding with us.  It always seems that if we don’t take care of it, it will find a way of creating a problem for us in the most inopportune time.  I guess it’s sort of a mutual relationship, the old “I’ll scratch your back, if you’ll scratch mine” sort of thing.

Anyhow, I thought I would share with you something that came into our shop the other day.  A Triumph comes in on a tow truck, and the customer explains that the engine ran fine, and the clutch seemed to work OK, and there wasn’t any noise that was unusual.  The car just wouldn’t move.  We checked the drive line, the drive axles, and the transmission and found no issues.  Of course, being a Triumph, we had to pull the differential in order to inspect it.  Having the diff out on the bench, we split the case, and here’s what we found.

Hopefully you can zoom in on the images, if not, I will tell you that the diff had been ran without oil.  Yeah, we were surprised too.  Usually the gears will heat up and the diff will lock up and bring you to a screeching halt.  In this case the gears heated up, in fact if you look close at the middle photo, you can see that the pinion gear teeth are completely gone, and in the bottom picture you can see that much of the metal has been melted to the ring gear.  Somehow this thing kept running right to the very end.

I guess the moral to this story is you have to keep tabs on what your car needs.  If you see oil pots under the car, and who doesn’t, then when you service the car, you need to check all the important parts of the car.  This is one of those things you can stop by the shop and we will help you better understand what you are suppose to be looking for.

Enjoy the ride!!

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