Answer to a Nagging Problem – Battery Tenders

As one of our customers told me, over the phone, as he sat in a parking lot waiting for the tow truck, “it’s an old British car, it has problems”.  Well, I guess I have to agree somewhat; but we are trying hard to make them more dependable wherever we can.

One of the bigger issues during the winter months, is keeping the battery charged.  Even though it is the 21st century, battery technology for your car isn’t much past where it was in the sixties.  It seems like if you don’t start the car regularly, the battery loses it’s charge.  Many of you have installed a battery disconnect switch, and that really does help the situation.  However, we have found a very inexpensive and cost effective way to keep your battery fresh and ready to go when you are.

A company called “Deltran makes a product called a “Battery Tender”.  This consists of a power pack that plugs into your wall outlet, and cables to attach to your battery.

They give you the option to attach it permanently, or you can use the conventional clamps.  No matter how you hook it up, we have learned from experience that you need to have it easily accessible, in plain sight,  and basically you have to trip over the cable before you pull the car out of the garage, or you will constantly be testing the “quick disconnect” feature of the cable plug.

This is one of the most advanced units of it’s type.  It has reverse polarity protection, for you early car owners that are still positive ground; it is small and light weight and it switches automatically from charging to float maintenance.  What this means, is that while you are not driving the car, the Tender cycles the battery constantly so that it keeps the battery in top shape, and always ready to go.

In 2013, we are trying to help those of you who read the Blog, and are friends of British Auto Works.  One of the ways we are doing this, is to offer products, such as the Battery Tender, to you at a special price.  In this case, you can buy the Deltran Battery Tender Junior, (as shown is the above photo), for $29.95.  To purchase the battery tender, visit our website at  You’ll see the product right there on our home page.

Thank you for your support of British Cars.

Enjoy the ride!!!

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