A very Early MGTD Gets Some Upgrades

Here is another example of a grandfather grandson project that turns out to be a great success.  This MGTD started out as a basket case, many years ago.  As a grandfather / grandson project they started to restore the car.  Please realize that the age groups of these two men are leaning more towards the senior division, but nevertheless, it was a bold and rewarding undertaking.  Though the car had been completely gone through, and the restoration complete, before the car came to us, there are some finishing touches they want to get done to the car.

The “upgrade list” includes a five speed transmission conversion, a super charger, and converting to chrome wire wheels.  There are other items such as refinishing the dash, seat heaters, and converting to an alternator that will also be done.  I will try to keep the pictures updated.  Here are a few to start.


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