It is difficult to put into words the things that I think anyone would really want to know about me. I am an over fifty lover of cars. I have had an interest in cars as far back as I can remember my Dad coming home from work in a 1959 El Camino. My best memory is I could hide behind the seat, which I later discovered that it was just the footwell for the backseat of the wagon which the chassis was originally built for. (by the way, I have a ’59 El Camino as part of my collection). My life seems to be marked by the cars in my life and to make that point more evident, you need to know that I still own just about every car that have purchased.

I have always believed that cars, in some way, have a personality and will respond to different things. If you beg and plead, like “please start”, the car will somehow listen. If you take good care of it, like washing it or doing and oil change, it will respond by not breaking down; especially in the middle of an intersection. I guess you could say that movies such as “Herbie” really affected me as a child, and I still have those beliefs today. By the way, I realize that I have referred to the cars, in the above descriptions, in the third person, but in real life they all have names and diff erring personalities.

When I graduated from Portland State University, my first job was in an auto parts store, and a year later I was opening my own auto parts store in the small town of Vernonia, Oregon. This put me in a position that I was working on cars and helping other work on theirs. I was there for thirteen years and enjoyed most every day I was there. My interest moved in other directions for a time, but I always had cars to work on, and I was making plans to move on with a dream I had.

The first car I had ever purchased was a 1972 Triumph GT 6. I drove it off the factory floor in Coventry, England, on March 20Th and spent the next six months touring Europe with my best friend. By the way, I still have the car and the best friend. I am not sure why, but I have always had a love for the British Sports Car. It’s the design, the styling, the need for constant care, the built-in rust protection through oil leaks, the fun of driving one, or any one of a number of other reasons. I have found that most of the other people I have met who own British Sporst cars care about their cars in the same way I do. In 1997 I was able to meet a fellow British car unt, and he had a small business repairing cars and supplying parts, both new and used. He was looking to get out of the business, and I was looking to get into just this type of business.

At the same time this was going on, My son was graduating from Oregon State University. He had shown an interest in cars as well. I am not sure that he has the same beliefs and feeling about the cars as I do, but I know he enjoys working on them. I knew it would not be easy working as a father / son operation, but after twelve years, we have experienced many highs and lows, and to his credit he has stuck with his old dad, and we have made a good go of a successful British car operation.

Our business specializes in the restoration, repair, new and used parts supply of classic British Sports Cars. Nothing newer than 1980. We pride ourselves on helping our customers enjoy their cars. We work hard to provide them with a car that is fun to drive, and they are proud to be seen in.

It is from here that my desire to write this blog has come. Over the years I have had the fantastic opportunity to meet dozens of car lovers who simply cherish their cars. I have spent countless hours listening to their stories how their car has affected their life and that it has basically become part of their family. It is these stories I want to write about so that they are not lost and that they can touch others who might read the story and either relate it to something they have experienced or just enjoy what the story has to offer. We can have a dog, we can have a cat, we can have a bird, we can have just about anything, and it becomes part of your family, and it affects you and your family in many ways. I want people to understand that you can have a special car and it can have an affect on your life just the same as any of the other things listed above. These are the stories of how a car has affected the lives of it’s owner. Every car has a story, I hope you enjoy the ones I present to you.

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  1. Bill,

    You bring back great memories of cruising the local Foster Freeze in my 1959 El Camino. It was my first car and I purchased it in 1967 prior to starting my senior year in high school. I took great pleasure waxing the gigantic fins and polishing the miles of chrome before going out on a date. I wish I had taken a photograph of this classic. It was a stepping stone to my first British car, a 1966 MGB. I was smart enough to take photos of that classic car and others to follow. Thanks for your help keeping my ’73 MGB running down the road.

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