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Wix Filters

We are happy to have a full stock of quality Wix oil and fuel filters and some air filters for British cars.  We have tried many different types of filters, and we have found that the Wix and Crosland filters are the best for our purposes.  They offer quality spin on and canister type filters.


Part #                                                     Fits                                                                                                                                          Price

51034                       71-74       MG Midget                                                                                                                                 $6.95

51068                         73-77 Jensen Healey / 74-84 Lotus Elite & Esprit / 71-80 MGB                                          $6.95

51085                         Alternate to 51068                                                                                                                                    $6.95

51183                          62-74 Jag XKE / 55-61 Jag XK 150                                                                                                    $8.95

51184                          75-81 TR 7  / 61-66 Mini / 58-69 Sprite / Midget / 70-73 Stag                                            $6.95

51231                         76-95 Jag                                                                                                                                                       $12.95

51300                        57-70 MGA / MGB /                                                                                                                                  $6.95

51302                        55-68 Austin Healey / 65-69 MGC / 52-68 TR 2 – TR 4A                                                            $6.95

51312                         62-74 Spitfire                                                                                                                                                $9.95

51313                         68-76 TR 250 – TR 6                                                                                                                                   $8.95

51335                         74-76 Lotus Europa                                                                                                                                   $7.95

51342                         TR 6 with Spin – on Conversion                                                                                                              $9.95

51374                        68-71 Austin America / 75-79 Midget / 75-80 Spitfire                                                              $6.95

51452                        80-81 TR 8                                                                                                                                                       $9.95

GFE 138                   Crosland for 66-73 GT 6                                                                                                                              $9.95

Replacement Parts Review

Since you are on the internet reading this Blog, it’s safe for us to assume that when you need parts for your Austin Healey, MGB, Midget, TR 6, Spitfire, TR 4, Alpine, Morris, Classic Mini, or any other British Sports Car, you look on the internet for parts.  I thought it might be nice that since we are a full service repair shop as well as a restoration shop, that it could be helpful to you if we gave you a review on some of the parts that are available in the aftermarket arena.

You can go to Moss, or Victoria British, or British Parts Northwest, or even a local parts facility like ours, and get good quality parts.  However, there always seem to be new replacement parts that come out for cars, and you can’t always be sure that they will work as you want them.

So here’s our first review.  We thought that the Master cylinders, both brake and clutch, for the MGB would be a good place to start.  We have tried all of the suppliers for the brake master, and  whether you have an early style, or a big cap model or the small cap model, they have all been pretty good for fit and function.  They bleed easily and they seem to last.

As for the clutch master, there are a couple of different ones available.  There is the Lucas type replacement that looks like a small tin can was fastened to the cylinder.  In the last year, many of the suppliers have gone to the Plastic reservoir instead of the tin can.  We realize it looks different, but unless you are looking for Heritage points, this master cylinder works very well.  The fit is actually a little better than the original, and we have not had any service issues with the part.  We do admit that if we have a choice we will go with the original style, but if cost is and issue, the new style is a good option.

As for the clutch system on the MGB, the new cylinders do not make them bleed any easier.  They are a complete pain, and they can take forever to bleed the system.

So far we give the replacement master cylinders a passing grade.

One last note for the general owner, not the racer or specialist, DO NOT USE SILICONE BRAKE FLUID.  Also, “synthetic” does not necessarily mean “silicone”.  Synthetic brake fluid can be used and works well.

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