An Early MGB Pull Handle

An Early MGB Pull Handle

Here is an early pull handle MGB that we finished.  It was a complete restoration.  The body had been beat up pretty bad, and the car had sat in the elements for several years, but we were able to salvage most all of the necessary parts, and the rest of the needed parts were purchased new.

DSCN2797DSCN2800No, it was not a runner.  but early pull handle cars are hard to find, and every effort needs to be made to restore all that we can find.





The body work was the most time consuming part of the restoration.  There was a lot to do.








Once everything was done, the finished car was just what the lady wanted.  The MGB is ready for the road.


Time For Our Annual Open House

This coming May 7th will mark our annual Open House and Queen’s Rally.
Doors will open at 9:00am and registration for the rally will close at 10:00am.
There will be coffee and sweets to get things started, and Stan is barbecuing lunch for after the Rally.
Please come out and enjoy the morning activities.
The Rally follows the same format as the last few years. It is for fun and the enjoyment of the participants, you do not have to have any experience to participate.

A Successful Open House

I want to say a special Thank You! to all of you who came out to help us celebrate another great year.  The weather was perfect, and the Queens Rally was very well attended.  It is fun to see all of you out driving your cars.  And this year was even better in that everybody made it through without an issues.

We truly appreciate all of our customers and hope they enjoy their cars and all the fun they will have this summer.



Updates to the Early MGTD

Yes, there is more being done to the early MGTD.  We have added the wire wheel conversion, and yes, that is a super-charger.  We believe that this will be the only TD on the west coast set up this way.  This is going to be fun to drive.  Oh by the way, we upgraded it to front disc brakes as well.





TR 6 Gets a new Life

We have been fortunate to be asked to restore a TR 6.  The car was in pretty good shape to start with, but the owner wants it in “like new” condition.  We are doing the usual, new paint, interior, suspension, brakes, top and so on, but there will be some upgrades, performance rebuild on the engine, 5 speed transmission and others.

Here are a few pictures so far-



TR 2

We were given the challenge to finish a restoration on a very nice TR 2.  The painting and the interior were completed but we found a few complications with some of the systems in the car.  Here are a few photos that show what we found.



A very Early MGTD Gets Some Upgrades

Here is another example of a grandfather grandson project that turns out to be a great success.  This MGTD started out as a basket case, many years ago.  As a grandfather / grandson project they started to restore the car.  Please realize that the age groups of these two men are leaning more towards the senior division, but nevertheless, it was a bold and rewarding undertaking.  Though the car had been completely gone through, and the restoration complete, before the car came to us, there are some finishing touches they want to get done to the car.

The “upgrade list” includes a five speed transmission conversion, a super charger, and converting to chrome wire wheels.  There are other items such as refinishing the dash, seat heaters, and converting to an alternator that will also be done.  I will try to keep the pictures updated.  Here are a few to start.



This Years Open House and Queen’s Rally

This is a reminder that this Saturday, May 10th, is our Open House and Queen’s Rally.

Things get started at 9:00am, we have treats and coffee.  Everybody gets to look at all the cars, and the shop is open to see what we’ve been working on.  At 10:00am, all the cars for the Queen’s Rally are entered and we have a drivers/navigators meeting.  The rally starts at 10:30am.  Depending on how many entrants, we will have one or two heats.  The rally takes about thirty minutes, and is very simple and easy to do.

There will be sandwiches and beverages for all after the rally.  Also, there will be special interest displays on hand.  The event will conclude at noon and you can enjoy the rest of the day.

We look forward to seeing you there.



Project Sprite Underway

One of our customers is undertaking the task of rebuilding his Sprite.  He worked hard to get the car stripped, the parts cleaned and has started to rebuilding process.  We were called in to help with the body and paint, as well as some front and rear suspension work.

Here are some pictures to bring you up to date-

There is more activity going on.  The customer has created a website so you can watch the changes happen.

Here is the link:

Enjoy the ride!!!


Answer to a Nagging Problem – Battery Tenders

As one of our customers told me, over the phone, as he sat in a parking lot waiting for the tow truck, “it’s an old British car, it has problems”.  Well, I guess I have to agree somewhat; but we are trying hard to make them more dependable wherever we can.

One of the bigger issues during the winter months, is keeping the battery charged.  Even though it is the 21st century, battery technology for your car isn’t much past where it was in the sixties.  It seems like if you don’t start the car regularly, the battery loses it’s charge.  Many of you have installed a battery disconnect switch, and that really does help the situation.  However, we have found a very inexpensive and cost effective way to keep your battery fresh and ready to go when you are.

A company called “Deltran makes a product called a “Battery Tender”.  This consists of a power pack that plugs into your wall outlet, and cables to attach to your battery.

They give you the option to attach it permanently, or you can use the conventional clamps.  No matter how you hook it up, we have learned from experience that you need to have it easily accessible, in plain sight,  and basically you have to trip over the cable before you pull the car out of the garage, or you will constantly be testing the “quick disconnect” feature of the cable plug.

This is one of the most advanced units of it’s type.  It has reverse polarity protection, for you early car owners that are still positive ground; it is small and light weight and it switches automatically from charging to float maintenance.  What this means, is that while you are not driving the car, the Tender cycles the battery constantly so that it keeps the battery in top shape, and always ready to go.

In 2013, we are trying to help those of you who read the Blog, and are friends of British Auto Works.  One of the ways we are doing this, is to offer products, such as the Battery Tender, to you at a special price.  In this case, you can buy the Deltran Battery Tender Junior, (as shown is the above photo), for $29.95.  To purchase the battery tender, visit our website at  You’ll see the product right there on our home page.

Thank you for your support of British Cars.

Enjoy the ride!!!

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